Quit Squad is working in partnership with Lancashire Football Association to encourage players, their families, friends, coaches, teams, clubs, and leagues promise to keep their homes, cars, sidelines and spaces SmokeFree.

Lancashire FA is asking clubs to adopt a SmokeFree sidelines policy to create a healthy, family friendly environment. SmokeFree sidelines is not about targeting smokers unfairly, but asking current smokers to understand their responsibility as a role model and be aware that children may see them smoking. The idea is to encourage smokers to either refrain from smoking during the match or move away from the sidelines and smoke where children and young adults are not present. If a smoker decides they want to quit smoking, support is available from Quit Squad.


So get involved now, in 3 easy steps

 1. Click here to access your SmokeFree  Sidelines resources. Download and complete the Policy Cover Letter and email a copy to quitsquad.comms@lscft.nhs.uk

2. Promise to help encourage and make SmokeFree Sidelines, by making your online promise here 

3. Spread the word on your social media channels

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